Nanoartography 2020

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020


If you are ready to submit, please follow the steps provided:

  1. Read the competition rules first, if you have not read it. 

  2. No more than three entries are allowed per individual or team.

  3. Download the Image Permission Policy Agreement DOC (below).

  4. Fill in the submission information, such as your name, title of your artwork, and the description of your artwork (200 words or less).

  5. Email your Policy Agreement and NanoArtography Artwork to Prof. Anasori "" before the deadline.

  6. Maximum size of the file: 15MB.

  7. Files extensions accepted: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tif, tiff.

  8. Remember to attach the files!

  9. Make sure you have received a confirmation email.

NanoArtography Image Permission Policy Agreement (.DOC)

NanoArtography 2020 sponsors:

Materials Today,

A. J. Drexel Nanomaterials InstituteDrexel University Materials Science & Engineering Dept., 

IUPUI Integrated Nanosystems Devices Institute. ​

Image credit:  top strip: Ariana Levitt, Drexel University, Nanoartography 2018

Background: Laura Riccardi, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, NanoArtography 2016


If you have questions, please first read the competition rules. If you cannot find your answer, contact:  

Prof. Babak Anasori

Competition creator and chair

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